Seven Lakes Drive
Rockland County, NY

A nice weather weekend required renting a car and taking in the colors of the fall. On my transit route to pick up the vehicle I connected in Hoboken. For the countless times I've passed through this hub I had never gone inside the waiting room as part of the old train station. It was definitely worth a few photos
Meandering through Rockland County, New York from Sloatsburg to Bear Mountain is the beautiful Seven Lakes Drive. Along the 18 mile road drivers pass Lake Sebago, Lake Kanawauke, Lake Skannatati, Lake Askoti, Lake Tiorati, Silver Mine Lake and Queensboro Lake. The sight of the orange, red and yellow leaves reflecting on the still waters makes for some amazing photo opportunities
"And when October goes
The same old dream appears
And you are in my arms
To share the happy years
I turn my head away
To hide the helpless tears
Oh how I hate to see October go

I should be over it now I know
It doesn't matter much
How old I grow
I hate to see October go"

Johnny Mercer